Lunes, Enero 28, 2013

Time to find my family tree

I need to find my family tree for my son’s school project. If he passes it on time he will be exempted to their final exam. I believe that it is very easy so I decided to help him. Actually, he can find my family tree without my help. All he need to do is sit in front of our computer and enter a website that designed for the persons who want to find their family tree.
But because I have free time today I can help him doing his school project. I also need to give him some tips to make that more interesting. The typical family tree has only name in a box but it will become more interesting if we put some pictures in it. Through social networking sites I can get pictures of our relatives.
Oh, I found out that tracing our ancestor is not that easy. I must found my great great grand parents so my son’s project will be complete.
I love my son too much so I want the best for him. I really need to help him and make this project to be the best one.
Yes, I am sure it will because there are websites that can help me to find my family tree. When I choose and click the best website I find my family tree.

Archive will help you

Archives are the best way to trace the person you are looking for. You can also search anything and everything you want because Google archives will give you answers, including the birth and death of a person.
Creator of Google archives understand that family and relatives must go on separate ways to face new challenges in life. But still, they can communicate through chat, email and video call. Unfortunately, if both parties are too busy their communication will get lost even decades past. Well, you don’t need to worry too much because we have Google archives. We can easily locate our lost relative in a click. All you have to do is type his/her name.
To make sure that he/she is the right person you are searching, put her birth year or birth place. But don’t be shock if you found out that you can also see his death date at the Google archives. 

Online is powerful

Online is everything, that is how I define it because I can do all I want through Internet. I can communicate to my family, relatives and friend living at other country with the help of chat, video call and email. I can but anything I want because there are websites offer great discount and if I want to order something for lunch or dinner I can easily order online. Decade ago, I need to travel just to look for a job but today I can browse for work and send application online. And the great thing is I can earn through online.
So, do you want to try how powerful online is? If you say yes, go online now and try how their programs can help you in a click. 

Know your historical record

Historical record is important to me. I want to know why I have convulsion everytime I got a fever especially when I reach temperature of 38 degrees. Although I have all the medical records I still wanted to know to whom I inherit this curse.
Yes, for me, having convulsion is really a curse. Imagine, my parents did not allow me to play outside with my friends because they are afraid that if I get tired I will get sick that will lead to high fever and convulsion. I know that they are just worried and I can’t blame them but I missed half of my life because of this.
While my friends are busy playing Taguan, Tumbang-Preso and Langit at Lupa, I am crying because I feel so alone. Oh, my childhood memories are miserable. I always go to the hospital for my monthly check-up. I need to take pheno every night to combat this illness. If there are times that I forget to take medicine, I faint. So, until I graduated high school I have a yaya, just to make sure that I took phenol on time.
Now that I am 34 years old I am no longer experience to have a convulsion. But, will I be happy? Maybe yes but part of me is still suffering. Until now I can’t accept that I did not enjoy my youth.
I cannot change my past but because am a writer I want to make a story about my life. I can only succeed if I will know everything about me. So, my historical record will help me to understand why I gave convulsion.
When I asked my parents about historical background they say that my Grand Ma’s sister has this illness too. She also inherits it to her grandparents. It means this illness runs in our family.
But I feel lucky that my child did not inherit this curse. But, there is a possibility that our future generation will have this illness. 

Linggo, Enero 27, 2013


     Genealogy is interesting. Through this study I can discover my root because I need to trace my family history. I feel so excited when my college professor asks us to do a family tree. He asks us to interview our parents or if possible our grandparents to help that in that project. Some of my friends feel that this study is boring but in my opinion, it’s truly exciting. Because of this study I can now understand why I got this attitude, dreams and desires.

     When I was a child I am always dreaming to be a famous scriptwriter. Oh, I am so imaginative. I can create stories in minutes.  Why? Oh, I kept asking this question almost everyday. When I study genealogy I found the answer. Because my great grandmother is a famous author during her time. Instead of book writing, my interest goes on creative writing. But in spite of that I know that I inherit her talent. I can do three different genres a day – romance, horror and articles. Of course it has different stories. And according to my Publisher, I did my work very well and I am very happy that.

     Everyday I am inspired because many people believe in me…in my talent and I know that I can’t have this talent without my great grandmother. Thank you so much Grand Ma. We did not have the opportunity to meet but you gave me this very special gift…my talent.
     How about you? What is your history?
     I just hope that you are also strong enough to know your family history. Don’t be scared. If you are afraid to know that you have bad family history, conquer your fears. Bear in mind that you can’t move forward if you still have many questions in your mind about your past.
     Be strong.
     Discover your genealogy.