Lunes, Enero 28, 2013

Time to find my family tree

I need to find my family tree for my son’s school project. If he passes it on time he will be exempted to their final exam. I believe that it is very easy so I decided to help him. Actually, he can find my family tree without my help. All he need to do is sit in front of our computer and enter a website that designed for the persons who want to find their family tree.
But because I have free time today I can help him doing his school project. I also need to give him some tips to make that more interesting. The typical family tree has only name in a box but it will become more interesting if we put some pictures in it. Through social networking sites I can get pictures of our relatives.
Oh, I found out that tracing our ancestor is not that easy. I must found my great great grand parents so my son’s project will be complete.
I love my son too much so I want the best for him. I really need to help him and make this project to be the best one.
Yes, I am sure it will because there are websites that can help me to find my family tree. When I choose and click the best website I find my family tree.

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