Linggo, Enero 27, 2013


     Genealogy is interesting. Through this study I can discover my root because I need to trace my family history. I feel so excited when my college professor asks us to do a family tree. He asks us to interview our parents or if possible our grandparents to help that in that project. Some of my friends feel that this study is boring but in my opinion, it’s truly exciting. Because of this study I can now understand why I got this attitude, dreams and desires.

     When I was a child I am always dreaming to be a famous scriptwriter. Oh, I am so imaginative. I can create stories in minutes.  Why? Oh, I kept asking this question almost everyday. When I study genealogy I found the answer. Because my great grandmother is a famous author during her time. Instead of book writing, my interest goes on creative writing. But in spite of that I know that I inherit her talent. I can do three different genres a day – romance, horror and articles. Of course it has different stories. And according to my Publisher, I did my work very well and I am very happy that.

     Everyday I am inspired because many people believe in me…in my talent and I know that I can’t have this talent without my great grandmother. Thank you so much Grand Ma. We did not have the opportunity to meet but you gave me this very special gift…my talent.
     How about you? What is your history?
     I just hope that you are also strong enough to know your family history. Don’t be scared. If you are afraid to know that you have bad family history, conquer your fears. Bear in mind that you can’t move forward if you still have many questions in your mind about your past.
     Be strong.
     Discover your genealogy.

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